PortlandSports January 25, 2021

Why I Love Portland!

The Mountain Home Canoe Club

Mountain Home Canoe Club (MHCC) was formed in 1993 as a co-ed dragon boat racing team with a primary focus of competing in the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races. The team was comprised of members of the Kaiser Permanente dragon boat team of 1992 and various friends and associates. At the ALCAN races in Vancouver, BC, in June of 1993, the team was required to register a team name. On the spot, Adam Kramer, team founder and coach, chose Mountain Home, the name of the water district where he was living near Scholls, Oregon. Under Adam’s leadership, coaching, and management, the team trained hard and competed successfully that first year in dragon boat races in Portland, Iowa, British Columbia, and Alberta. Encouraged by success and inspired by the competition, MHCC members were determined to be competitive at the highest levels of racing and agreed to train year round, on and off the water.

While concentrating on dragon boat racing, MHCC members also enjoyed other paddling sports including kayak racing, marathon canoe racing, and outrigger canoe in six-man Hawaiian style canoes. In 1994, MHCC had obtained their first OC6 and began a transition from dragon boat to outrigger. By 1996, the primary focus of Mountain Home had shifted to outrigger canoe training and racing. In fact, during the 1997 season, MHCC practiced only a handful of times before taking First Place in the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races. After the success in the Portland Rose Festival, interest in dragon boat waned and MHCC began to concentrate fully on developing highly competitive outrigger racing teams. By this time, MHCC had developed a close relationship with several competitive Canadian paddlers, most notably Peter Heaver and Calvin Chow, who had been providing a lot of support in training. In 1999, Peter moved to Portland and became the head coach for Mountain Home.